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science and ink greyscale book

Fresh-ish off the press! After years of nagging, the cartoons on this website are finally available as a 334 page book. And there's a choice - inexpensive greyscale, or pricey but glorious colour.

(Those links take you to the CreateSpace store. Here are the same books at Amazon, now including a Kindle option (free with either print version): greyscale edition, colour edition, and the Kindle e-book.)

succeed in science book

Thinking of a career as an active research scientist? Lloyd Fricker has some great advice about essential things not taught in school. [...Amazon link...]. Plus, it features cartoons by me.

Here's a related video (with a cameo of the book) from Lloyd and colleagues in Albert Einstein College of Medicine @ Yeshiva University New York: Can't Publish.

Current projects: Nick's still contending with the small problem of working around a day-job and occasionally referring to himself in the third-person. However I've resumed creating new cartoons, and am currently developing a laboratory noir comic series to my own specifications, with the working title Asbestos. I'll publish Asbestos on this website later in 2016 - once I've created the first dozen or so.
Science and Ink cartoons have also featured in: | Annals of Improbable Research | The Analytical Scientist | The Conversation | The New Zealand Skeptic | A-Thrill-A-Week | Phoenixine | and many other strange places, including | somewhere in the movie San Andreas.

Contacts, commissions, permissions:

Contact details: to contact me (the cartoonist) email | Commissioned work: Unfortunately I'm not in a position to take on commissioned work. You could try contacting the excellent Sidney Harris. | Permissions: use of cartoons from this site is currently free for personal, non-profit, research, and educational purposes - websites, lab-manuals, newsletters or any conventional publication. For more information around conditions of use and commercial use rates, see this handy document. Note for Photo-Researchers: many of these cartoons are available direct from CartoonStock.

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