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Sciences, Medicine & Engineering:

Research Approaches Archaeology Biology (in general) Chemistry Earth Sciences Entomology Environmental Sciences Evolution Genetics Mathematics Microbiology Natural Disasters
Physics & Cosmology Space & Planets Science Fiction
Medicine Anatomy Illnesses Injuries Fatalities (some incipient) Psychology Toxicology
Engineering (any) Particle & Nuclear Structural Technology

Living things:

Aliens Any animal Birds Dinosaurs & dragons Dogs Fish & other aquatic things Insects & other small creepy things Mammals Microbes Reptiles & amphibians Sentient vegetables Other ostensibly living objects

Society & Arts:

Business Classical allusions Definitions Education Fads Fine art Food Justice, law & outlaws Music Occupational safety Politics Purchasing decisions Relationships (all types) Relationships (romantic) Religion (traditional & new age) Science Fiction Skeptics' corner TV or other media War Workplace Wordplay cartoons

Time periods:

Prehistory Ancient Medieval Victorian to early 20th century Wild west Futures

Gainful occupations:

Ancient philosophers At home Cave guys Chefs Cleaners Explorers & settlers Hunters & fishermen Gangsters & outlaws Glassblowers Mad Scotsmen Monarchs and popes Research scientists Santa Teachers White collar drones

Science or General?

More-Sciencey-than-General cartoons More-Generalish-than-Sciencey cartoons